Client Service


We typically work directly with clients to ensure that only candidates suitable for the role are selected.

We usually achieve this without interference from non-essential brokers or third parties.


We establish long-term relationships with our clients and candidates which are extended throughout the employment contract life-cycle and beyond. This creates a layer of protection and support for our deployed candidates and provides reassurance to our valued clients.

We serve most sectors including Civil Construction, Security, Hospitality, Retail, Restaurants, Oil and Gas, Facility Management and many such.

We have standardized recruitment process that is tailored to the contract and client requirement. Timelines and requirements differ between markets, sectors and clients.

Our recruitment activities comply with the Nepalese govt. and international codes of conduct for the recruitment and deployment of overseas foreign workers.

Our minimum deployment lead-time is usually 28 days. This allows for the necessary clearance and administration required by the Nepalese government. Timeframes may vary considerably depending on role, visa processing or whether local qualification requirement exist.